Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday

Today after a lazy morning and the realization that our stay is almost over, we decided to take our wildlife viewing experiences into our own hands. We had recently received a tip about a great whale watching spot and decided to check it out. To our utter surprise and delight, whales are exactly what we found! After walking to a beautiful outcrop of land and watching a disappointingly still ocean for a while, Heather spotted our first whale splash! That turned out to be just the beginning as we sat for the next hour and watched spout, tail, and fin repeatedly break the surface. And after just a bit of pleading on our part, we finally saw a breach, bouncing with delight as we watched an Alaskan whale fly out of the water and come smacking back down to earth. Although we watched from land, it was an amazing experience none-the-less. I now feel as though a whale shaped hole in my heart has finally been filled. We left the spot with a dead camera, smiles on our faces, and only a little bit jealous of the fishermen on the water. Fingers crossed, this weekend that will be us!

—Elizabeth Fata

Tail Fluke


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