Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday

Since the day I first arrived in Alaska, one of things that has continuously amazed me the most (besides the fact that I’m IN Alaska) is the ever constant presence of eagles. And not just any eagles, might I add, but Bald Eagles. That’s right, spirit of America, red white and blue, Bald Eagles. Every day of our trip we have managed to spot at least one and recently we’ve been able to have some amazing encounters with them. As we were dining on Alaska’s finest pb&j’s one afternoon, I looked out the window and spotted a massive dappled brown bird. So odd was it to see a bird that size in that color, it took me a minute to realize that it was indeed a juvenile Bald Eagle. We did a little bit of creeping and managed to get some great shots before we left the “little” guy alone. 

Since then our luck has only improved. We have often seen the eagles soaring overhead, headed off to some distant nest with the elusive Kodiak Bears (still waiting), but now we’ve made it personal. While driving back from some exploring on the other coast of the island, Heather spotted one nose dive towards the water on the side of the road. What then ensued can only be described as a not so stealthy, Ford Explorer lead pursuit of the majestic beast. To our great surprise, after a few mad dashes, we actually managed to catch up to it without too much commotion and were rewarded with a face-to-face encounter, looking right into the beautiful Bald Eagle’s eyes. We snapped a few pictures and headed back towards our pseudo-civilization with smiles on our faces, having looked into the face of America. So now, on the eve of 4th of July, I wish America a Happy Birthday and must send my most insincere regrets to Benjamin Franklin.

 -Elizabeth Fata

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