Thursday, June 13, 2013

When Adventure Calls...

...I come running.  Just because I moved back from the chilly Scandinavian city of Copenhagen only a short time ago does not mean I would pass up an opportunity in Alaska!  
I've only been home for a month yet I feel antsy and out of place.  A sort of internal itch tells me this isn't right, I shouldn't be living a stagnant life at home during the last summer of my college career.  As all advisors would say.. I should be expanding my career horizons by working in my field and gaining invaluable experience!  So when I received an email from the Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association during the peak of my dissatisfaction, naturally I followed up, purely out f curiosity.  And here I am beginning a 14-hour plane journey to Alaska!  Exact opposite ends of the country; it doesn’t get any more contrary than that.  
It feels great to be traveling again and to be on my own, seeing new places and meeting new people, a hobby of mine.  As unsettling as the unknown can be, I mainly find it exciting.  I could worry about my housing, the work I'll be doing, missing my loved ones, or the disturbingly sizable bears on Kodiak—but why?  These are largely things I cannot control, and have yet to encounter; so instead, I’m excited for the unknown possibilities of the future!  It’s true I’ll miss Florida and the warmth of the tropics, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from traveling it’s that nothing really changes while you’re gone.  The beaches will still be there, my family will still be there, and life will progress as usual…all while I’m working with salmon aquaculture in Alaska!!!

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